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We will continue to work throughout the night to recover data from the RAID array and to restore your account settings. However we cannot be 100% sure that all data will be recoverable and that all settings will be reset. You should take a moment to restore settings and data from your backup copy on your local computer.

Please know that we are doing everything we can to get you back up and running.

We will be issuing a service credit against your next months hosting for the inconvenience of this outage.

Please contact us through your control panel, our homepage or through email (support@phpwebhosting.com) if you need further help. Contact through the control panel is the recommended and fastest method.

We also want to thank those of you who have wrote us with encouragement and kind words! Hardware failure of this nature (two disks out of three in an array) are very stressful due to the difficulty in recovery and it is nice to have encouragement. We will work throughout the night to resolve the matter as quickly as possible.


Your phpwebhosting.com Support Team
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